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UNIQ Physics Summer School 2015

Organisers: Prof Steve Biller (Mansfield) & Prof Todd Huffman (Lady Margaret Hall)

Student Mentors: Alex McCormick (University), Sam Zwolinski (St. Annes), Matthew Ely (Brasenose), Rachael Martin (University),

Lectures, Labs, Tutorials
Independent Study and Presentation Competition
During the school, students will be asked to make use of web resources and books to independently gather information and prepare for discussion related to three different topics: Neutrinos, Something Cool and Energy Storage. For this, students will be divided into 3 competing teams of 12 (Groups 1, 2, 3; see table below). Each team should separately discuss these topics and then split into 3 groups of 4 (*), each of which will be tasked to pursue further a different one of these topics and prepare a 20-minute chalk-board presentation. On Thursday afternoon, each team will be randomly assigned one of these topics and asked to have their appropriate sub-group give their presentation. Following each such presentation, the other two teams will then be asked to provide additional pieces of information on the topic that may have been left out, with points awarded for each new piece according to the strength of the contribution. The discussion of each of the topics will be led by an expert in the field. The teams will get points both for their presentations and for additional contributions. Each member of the winning team of 12 will receive a prize. Students are welcome (and encouraged) to start researching these topics before coming to Oxford.

(*) Note: We have provided a tentative partition --- Study Groups A, B, C; see table below --- but this is merely advisory. The students are free to change this distribution according to their preferences. However, they should keep in mind two factors: there may be logistical difficulties for joint study if members of the same study group live in different colleges; the time for joint study would be maximised if members of the same group have tutorials at the same time on Thursday (see schedule below).

for the academic programme

All lectures are in the Dennis Sciama Lecture Theatre, D. Wilkinson Bldng
Computer Room (for ind. study): 221 D. Wilkinson Bldng (22 people in the room max.)
Printing: quota 30 pages per student; the printer name is "Computing"

Monday 20 July
Tuesday 21 July
Wednesday 22 July
Thursday 23 July
Friday 24 July
(S. Biller
& A. Schekochihin)
(A. Slyz)
Special Relativity-2
(S. Biller)
 Ind. study
Last chance to work
on the Problem Set!
[Computer Rm/Library/DWB]
Medical Physics
(D. Bulte)

Special Relativity-1
(S. Biller)
(A. Boothroyd) 
(A. Boothroyd)
[see schedule below]
Ind. study
[Computer Rm/Library/DWB]

Oxford Physics
(N. Jelley)
(A. Slyz)
Mock Interview
(N. Jelley & TBC)
(R. Fern)

(R. Fern)
Q&A, feedback
End of academic programme
Lunch Lunch Lunch
Group 1: Gen. Physics Labs
(J. Lidgard & A. Dyson)
Group 2: Electro. Labs
(G. Peskett & G. Quelch)
Group 3: Ind. study
[Computer Rm/Library/DWB]
Group 1: Ind. study
[Computer Rm/Library/DWB]
Group 2: Gen. Physics Labs
(J. Lidgard & A. Dyson)
Group 3: Electro. Labs
(D. Bulte & G. Quelch)
Group 1: Electro. Labs
(D. Bulte & G. Quelch)
Group 2: Ind. study
[Computer Rm/Library/DWB]
Group 3: Gen. Physics Labs
(J. Lidgard & A. Dyson)
(S. Biller,
A.N. Other,
N. Jelley)
[D. Sciama LT]

Schedule of Tutorials on Thursday 23 July
Ring your tutor's number given below if you can't find the teaching room or can't enter the building

Office/Teaching Room
and contact number
Prof Alan Barr
5.3 Mob Quad, Merton College
(Merton St)
Tel. 01865 276 310
(Merton Porter's Lodge)
Prof Steve Biller
568 D. Wilkinson Bldng
(Keble Rd)
Tel. 01865 273 386
Prof Todd Huffman
#4 Fyfield Rd, Room 4C
Lady Margaret Hall
Tel. 7876 380 836
or 01865 274 300
(LMH Porter's Lodge)
Mr Robert Jeffrey
J. Moussouris Room
TS Eliot LT Bldng
Merton College
(Merton St)
Tel. 07508 285 525
Prof Nick Jelley
570 D. Wilkinson Bldng
(Keble Rd)
Tel. 01865 273 380
Mr Franz Lang
Mendelssohn Room
Clarendon Laboratory
(Parks Rd)
Tel. 0791 996 5277
Prof John Magorrian
XVI.2 Jesus College
(Turl St)
Tel. 01865 287 413
Mr Ivan Ramirez
Grove 1.8, Merton College
(Merton St)
Tel.  07757 262 320
Prof Robert Taylor
Old Lodgings Room 2,
Front Quad, Queens College
(High St)
Tel. 07717 413 643

Lab Groups, Study Groups and Tutorial Pairs
(Colleges: Keble, Lincoln, St John's, Wadham)

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Study Group A
Kim Spijkers-Shaw & Bernadette Fernandes
Tutorial: 10:30 with Prof Magorrian
Rishara Weerakoon & Jade Clarke
Tutorial: 10:30 with Mr Ramirez
Sparshita Dey & Kate Renforth
Tutorial: 11:30 with Prof Magorrian
Alexander Brogan & Sukhveer Bhamra
Tutorial: 10:30 with Mr Jeffrey
Manoj Murali & Ivan Valenzuela
Tutorial: 10:30 with Prof Barr
Toby Baker & Farhan Chatha
Tutorial: 11:30 with Mr Ramirez
Study Group B
Caroline Jones &  Eliza Dickie
Tutorial: 10:30 with Prof Jelley
Deric Lee & James Broadhead
Tutorial: 10:30 with Mr Lang
Kishan Makwana & Mehran Quraishy
Tutorial: 11:30 with Mr Jeffrey
Christopher Barton & Simon McPhee
Tutorial: 11:30 with Prof Jelley
Thomas Condliffe & Caleb Gilliam-Scott
Tutorial: 10:30 with Prof Taylor
Daniel Alldritt & Alistair Rae
Tutorial: 11:30 with Prof Taylor
Study Group C
Cameron McAllister & Jed Marshall
Tutorial: 11:30 with Mr Lang
Nikola Kolev & Jack Way
Tutorial: 10:30 with Prof Biller
Justice Duruanyanwu & Daanyaal Caudry
Tutorial: 11:30 with Prof Huffman
Edward Rowe & Eilidh Nimmo
Tutorial: 11:30 with Prof Biller
Aisha Omri & Lydia Jowitt
Tutorial: 10:30 with Prof Huffman
Ruairi Brogan & Rhidian Thomas
Tutorial: 11:30 with Prof Barr

(some of it quite mathematically advanced, so have a taste, but don't worry if you find it too hard)